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Google Adwords Rolled out New “Streamlined Analysis Tool” in Campaigns Tab

Google Adwords team is hardly working on campaign structure for advertisers to access the account with ease. Few months before, they’ve been introducing new ways to analyze and segment your campaign data and still they are working to introduce more data types which will be easy for advertisers to access these reporting controls. For the above purpose they have introduced a new analysis toolbar in the campaigns tab of Adwords account.

streamlined toolbar

The old features “Filter and views” and “More actions” menus has been combined together and appears at the top of each of the data tables.

By using this toolbar we can be able to apply a filter quickly to the data we are viewing on each tab.We can also gain important insights into performance across different networks, time periods, device, click type by using the “Segment” option:


In this toolbar, there is a control to show or hide paused or deleted campaigns and ad groups.


Google Adwords team hope that this new toolbar will further streamline reporting and help their advertisers to get the most out of their AdWords data and our advertising campaigns.

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