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Few Tips To Improve Google Page Rank

Page rank is a numerical value assigned by Google to indicate the importance of the website. Page rank depends on the quality and volume of the inbound and outbound links. It is important because PR is one of the factors to get good position in search results, but it’s not the only factor to get good position. Another important point is page rank differs from page to page. Google assigns a numeric value start from 0-10 where 10 is the highest value. Google will update the page rank for every three months.

Content and usage of keywords plays an important role. When proper keywords are used, search engines will definitely track your website and display it when someone searches for information,so that you get traffic to your website. The best way to improve page rank is to build backlinks.

Some of the ways to improve page rank:

1. Article Submission: Write articles and post them in article directories like ezine articles, go article etc. In article submission as we place our links in author bio for further reference it helps to increase our traffic and thus we get backlinks from that particular article sites. Don’t submit same article to different article directories because it will consider as duplicate content and it is advisable to spin it, so that it will be different from each other.

2. Blog: Create a own blog and update the post regularly and also comment on dofollow blog with high PR that are relevant to your site. Commenting on dofollow blog helps to pass link juice, by this way can increase page rank

3. Reciprocal links: By exchange links with relevant sites and high PR sites, you will get direct referral traffic from your link partners sites.

4. Forum Posting: Participate in relevant dofollow forums, so that you can place your signature there, it helps to increase backlinks . One of the biggest benefits in participating in forum is if your post is good more people will visit your site.

5. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the way to improve page rank. There are lots of social bookmarking sites available. Submit in popular bookmarking like digg, stumble upon etc. By submitting in social bookmarking not only helps to increase backlinks and also branding your site.

With increasing page rank, there are several advantages:

  • Advertising on a site with high page rank may be reached effectively and draw many visitors.
  • People consider the site with high page rank as more reliable and quality.
  • High PR website may bring more visitors.

Don’t use any unethical way to improve the page rank, if search engine finds it then it will penalize the site. Google search engine uses a variety of methods to determine which pages should come first in the search engine result pages. Among them page rank is an important factor. However page rank algorithm is very secret. By building backlinks it helps to improve the page rank. I suggested here only fews ways and there are many ways to improve page rank. Let share your views.

Disclaimer:The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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6 comments on “Few Tips To Improve Google Page Rank
  1. extra clean says:

    These tips will help me in my SEO projects I have been working on

  2. Drupal Theme says:

    What do you mean by dofollow (point b)? Thanks for sharing.

    • deepika says:

      @Drupal Theme Dofollow link is to tell the search engine spiders to crawl the link. To tell the search engine spiders not to crawl the link you have to include the following code Rel=”nofollow” in HTML

  3. Ram says:

    Tips are good starting point to get high PR but there is another technique that is very important is proper keyword stuffing on site..

  4. Recharddo says:

    Excellent article. I think the most important point you made in this post is to clearly set your goals through your USP. There’s always room for one more as far as competition, but without goals you’ll only be spinning your wheels similar to proper keywords are used, search engines will definitely track your website and display it when someone searches for information,so that you get traffic to your website. The best way to improve page rank is to build backlinks.

  5. Rihanna says:

    Hey I found some fast pagerank tools, may be seo friends would like them.


    one is bulk page rank checker that can check 1000 of pages PR with single click and another is internal PR checker to check pagerank of all internal pages on a website.

    There is lot more helpful things for search engine optimization…..

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