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Google, Yahoo and Bing Ad Preview Tools – Tools Review

Every Advertisers might be aware of Google Ad preview tool obviously. Using this tool everyone can see whether their ad is appearing for users in their targeted locations or regions, targeted Google domain and in their targeted language. For the keyword you enter, the tool shows search results and ads as they’d appear on a regular Google search results page, without accruing extra impressions for your ad.

Here is the screenshot for your reference,

Google Search Ads Preview
Click for larger view

Yahoo, Bing Ad Preview Tool:

For Example if your site is targeted to United States and suppose you are located in some other region other than US and you would like to see your ads position. In that case is there any possible way to view your ads in www.yahoo.com. from India and view your ads? the answer is definitely NO. What would you do in this situation? Here is the solution for your questions.


1. You can use some other free proxy server available in the net. Then you would need to change it to United States (targeted location) IP address in your browser and access. This may cause a slow internet connectivity.

2. To overcome the above issue, here I have mentioned some of the website links which would help you to view your US ads without any problem.

a. Fasteasyproxy

In this site you will have an option to select the network (Yahoo, Bing,etc..) in which you would like to see your ads. Here is the screen shot of getting US targeted ads in Yahoo within a second

Yahoo Search Ads Preview in US
Click for larger view
b. Hidemyass:

This is one more site which which I use to see my ads. This would also provide you with an option to see your ads in Yahoo, Bing and in any other search engines.

Bing Ad Preview Tool:

Bing Ad preview tool doesn’t exist currently. Carolyn Miller of adCenter Community Team stated that, We’ve heard this request from our customers and it’s under consideration for the future.

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2 comments on “Google, Yahoo and Bing Ad Preview Tools – Tools Review
  1. Raghavan says:

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing the resource

  2. Serj says:

    Yahoo and Microsoft are so retarded for not having a proper preview tool no wonder google is the best. I have to search for stupid proxy sites and servers just so i can work on the Australian market.

    Wake up Microsoft and Yahoo!

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