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SEOmoz Launches ‘Open Site Explorer’, a Great New SEO Tool

Recently SEOmoz has announced launching of the new tool and named it as Open Site Explorer. It is the latest additional development to their already existing database of Linkscape. This tool is only available for free for the registered SEOmoz members for the first 48 hours after the launch. SEOmoz Pro members has the full access to the reports. Others are limited to view only 1000 links per report.

Open Site Explorer

Question may arise, why they are developing this tool when Yahoo Site Explorer already exists. One clear answer would be, the yahoo search may be taken away by Bing in the future and in spite of that site explorer may also be taken out.

One cool feature about this new tool is, we can filter out dofollow and nofollow links. With the metrics of ‘Page authority‘ and ‘Domain authority‘ we can determine which links are quality backlinks. Hence we will be able to find out only do-followed and authority backlinks of our competitor and compete with their link building strategies successfully . We can also determine which of  the competitor’s owned domains are 301 redirected to their site using the filter 301 redirection.

You can know more about this powerful SEO tool at  SEOmoz blog and leave your feedback.

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