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Selection of Seasonal and Trendy Keywords

It’s the right time to target the seasonal keywords on your PPC campaigns to get more traffic and conversions at the prime time. These seasonal keywords often plays a vital role in certain times and events. Here I”m sharing some of the seasonal keyword checklists. If you have not used seasonal keywords yet on your PPC campaigns, try implementing it right now.

Develop new keyword combination corresponding to the following events:

January 1: New Year’s Day
January 6: Epiphany
January 19: Martin Luther King Day
January 20: Inauguration Day
February 14: Valentines Day
February 16: Presidents Day
February/March: Carnival
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day
March: Start of spring
March/April: Easter
April 1: April Fool’s Day
May 1: May Day
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
May: Mother’s Day
May: Armed Forces Day
May: Father’s Day
May: Memorial Day
May/June: Pentecost
June: Start of summer
June: Flag Day
June to September: Vacation season
July 4: Independence Day
August/September: End of summer vacation, school enrollment
September: Start of fall
September: Labor Day
October 3: Thanksgiving
October 31: Reformation Day / Halloween
October: Columbus Day
November 1: All Saints’ Day
November 11: Veterans’ Day
November: St. Martin’s Day
November: Day of Repentance and Prayer
November: Thanksgiving Day
November/December: Advent Days / Christmas season
December: Start of winter
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25 / 26: Christmas
December 26 – January 1: Kwanzaa
December 31: New Year’s Eve
December: Chanukah/Hanukkah

For example, if you sell bouquet, you can also bid on “Mother’s day bouquet,” “Valentines day bouquet”, “Christmas bouquet,” etc.

Event-driven Keyword Options:

Get traffic from event driven keywords like sporting events (Olympic games), national elections and fairs etc..

Google’s Zeitgeist

You can even get a frequently used keyword searches from Google’s Zeitgeist. Every month Google is publishing a list that you can analyze and use it for your campaigns. You can find this list on a website called Google Zeitgeist.


Google Hot Trends:

Google trends provides a list of keywords that people are searching for on a daily basis.


Twitter Trends:

Twitter trends provides a trending topics what people are searching for right now. It shows the hot topics in its search. From that you can find the trending keywords for your ppc campaign.


Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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