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Optimizing Keywords to Reduce High Bounce Rate

The website content should give enough information to the visitor to the relevant query. The content should be related to the user’s query and should able to keep the visitor to stay on that page. Bounce rate can be explained as the percentage of visitors who leaves the website directly from the homepage. Simply, the visitor not getting the expected relevant result from that page.

Some of the factors to consider for reducing high bounce rate,

  • Website Content – Website Content should be proper and informative
  • Keywords – Keywords used should be relevant to the content
  • Website Design – It should be attractive and proper
  • Navigation – Should be easy and relevant navigation

Content is always the king in SEO. Your web page content should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly. Keywords play a vital role in optimizing the content. You have to use relevant keywords and more over it should be evenly distributed.

Keyword optimization

Optimizing the content by making it unique & fresh is more important. You have to align your site to the intent of the user. Website content should be smart enough to hold visitors on that page. Before going for optimization, few things are there to consider. First you have to decide the nature of ‘keyword queries’ for your site.

Keyword queries are of three types.,

  • Navigational – User wants to find specific site. Includes company, domain name, product queries
  • Informational – User seeking for information. These are not site specific and question based.
  • Transactional – User wants to perform on-line transactions and other related things.

You have to determine the nature of your site and use keywords based on that. For example, if you are having on-line book auction website, keywords used should be like ‘….book online sale’, ‘…. online book buy’, etc..

Optimizing web pages by Keyword Mapping

Keyword Mapping is the best way to build a solid site foundation for a webpage. Its a structural base for a a web page. The keyword used should be relevant to the content of the web page. Keyword research by using tools like Google Adwords and Google Search Based Keyword Tool is more important.. You have to analyze relevant popular keywords and have to consider while optimizing your web page content. Tools like kwmap will give detailed knowledge about keyword map for your keyword.

For example, the keyword map for “Online shopping” is as follows.,

Keyword Map for the keyword - 'Online Shopping'

Keyword Map for the keyword - 'Online Shopping'

The above figure shows the map for the keyword “On-line shopping”. It gives detailed knowledge about relevant keywords, will help you while optimizing your webpage content.

You have to create a set of keywords for your targeted keyword. It always advised to create new page with popular relevant keyword and target ranking. While preparing new web page, the relevant keywords analyzed by keyword mapping, should be randomly arranged  in that page. For existing pages, you have to be careful and precise in changing the content. Its difficult to completely restructure the web page but you can be selective in changing the keywords. It advised to modify the selective keywords & also the content accordingly rather than re-construction.

Some of the important things to consider while doing keyword mapping
1. Create new page for new keyword that you like to target rather than modifying existing one
2. Use targeted keyword in pages wherever its possible and put navigation to target page
3. It always better to use your home page to target keyword

I suggest you to read this article about 9 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate for more information.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. SEO Services India says:

    Yes, It is right that content is heart of SEO. content must be relevant according to pages and target keywords. thanks for share useful information.

  2. Mercylivi says:

    Selecting right keywords for the right pages would certainly reduce the bouce rate! But website audit in the initial statge finalizing the internal navigation, website architecture would also play role! I agree you have taken keywords as a major part in your post and explained and as of that its a well explained one!

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